Patron Saint of Sacrifice

    Patron Saint of Sacrifice

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  3. Supernatural Meme: Eight Supernatural Beings [1/8]

    ↳ Angels

    “Angels are warriors of God. I’m a soldier.”

  4. It’s okay… it’s all okay. (x)

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    Jimmy’s story just broke my heart

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    You wanted free will.

    You have lost your reason and taken the wrong path. You have taken lies for truth, and hideousness for beauty. You would marvel if, owing to strange events of some sorts, frogs and lizards suddenly grew on apple and orange trees instead of fruit, or if roses began to smell like a sweating horse; so I marvel at you who exchange heaven for earth. I don’t want to understand you.

    — Anton Chekhov

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    His coat is his security blanket.

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    gifmeme ∞ castiel + bruised and battered